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TwinJets offers complete aircraft consulting services, based on deep industry knowledge. Leveraging our strategic aviation relationships with key market leaders worldwide, Twin Jets is uniquely qualified to skillfully manage and provide expert appraisal, acquisition and aircraft brokerage solutions that delivers real results for your business!



Working with major aviation companies, in all aircraft markets, TwinJets provides its clients with the highest level of service across a full suite of appraisal and brokerage solutions providing value that is unmatched.


We will not be outperformed.

What We Can Do For You

Airfield Design


Convenient, comprehensive appraisal services available online, on-demand and on-site to establish fair market, historical and future worth evaluations.

Air Traffic Forecasting

Custom marketing strategies to identify and precisely target buyers worldwide.


Environmental Monitoring

Exclusive global search capabilities to pinpoint the exact aircraft you desire.


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